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Friday, November 04, 2005 

Let the hoarding begin...

Virgin airline chairman snaps up 10,000 courses of Tamiflu

...purchased from Canada, of course, since Hoffmann-La Roche suspended Tamiflu shipments to America in order to prevent this exact behavior. His justification is that airline employees "would be on the front lines of any pandemic." Indeed; so would workers in dozens of other areas.

Branson was unapologetic about his stockpiling, saying there is no doubt in his mind that any pandemic would ground airlines all over the world, CNBC reported.

I guess I don't see how this is inherently a bad thing--reducing travel during a pandemic, I'd think, would be a goal, as long as essential items could be shipped and some level of emergency travel was maintained. I'd much rather have emergency responders with Tamiflu stockpiles than the ordinary airline employee.


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