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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

In the, "it's so sad, it's funny" category today...

Answers in Genesis is my favorite little humor site; like my own personal Onion, only the parody is lost on Ken Ham and Jon Sarfati or something. I like to picture them as the butt of some huge Landover Baptist joke, sucking their followers dry for a crazy museum in what is really a diabolical leftist plot to divert fundamentalist Christian funds away from causes that are actually real controversies in the 21st century. (Don't burst my bubble, mkay? The way I figure it, you gotta laugh or it will make you cry.)

So anyway, their newest illustrations are a riot. Check them out here. Some of my favorites:

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Mo--om! You always let Timmy bring the apatosaurus to school. It's my turn!

When Hanna-Barbera publishes history textbooks…

Damn it, I was that close to scoring with Shem's wife...

What are your favorites?

(Hat tip to crazyharp at II for noticing the AIG page).


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