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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 

Check out Tangled Bank #42

A new Tangled Bank is up at Dogged Blog, and it is giant and awesome. First, the host herself is a writer about veterinary medicine--interesting to me since I work with zoonotic diseases (diseases that are transmitted between species) and work with veterinarians myself quite a bit. Beyond that, there are a ton of great posts. I'm adding Science and Politics to my blogroll right now, just 'cause he's a disease geek like I am, as evidenced by his post about his love of malaria. Same goes for Christie at Dogged Blog, actually:
One of my favorite subjects is disease. I was happy to get so many submissions about sickness and plague and pestilence. It may be that I'm not a well woman, but it seems I am in extremely good company.
Obviously I'm biased, but I agree.

One final post to highlight: this gem from bootstrap analysis about judging a middle school science fair (hilarity ensues). I also judge a few of these every year, so the comments were familiar, but if you've not been to one of those since you were a middle-schooler yourself, stop by and see what the kiddos are up to. I guarantee a chuckle.


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