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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

Aetiology is moving!

Well, it looks like it's official, so I might as well spill the beans. Seed Magazine has launched a new feature, Science blogs, and Aetiology is one of the inaugural blogs. If you take a look at the list of other blogs here, you'll probably notice some other familiar names. It's a good deal for me: they pay for everything *and* provide technical support. Everything else will stay the same--I still control everything I write, and there's no editorial control or anything from the higher-ups.

So, I hope you'll continue reading, and join me over at the new address:


For those of you who have this site on your blogroll (and allow me to take a moment to thank you for that in the first place), I'd appreciate it if you updated your link. I think there's some way I can do a re-direct eventually, but I'll keep traffic coming to this page for awhile before switching it over. Additionally, all old content will remain archived here, so if you've linked to a post here, it should be fine in perpetuity.


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  • I'm Tara C. Smith
  • From Iowa, United States
  • I'm a mom and a scientist, your basic stressed-out, wanna-have-it-all-and-do-it-all Gen Xer. Recently transplanted from Ohio to Iowa, I've spent most of my life in the midwest (with 4 years of college spent out east in "soda" territory). My main interest, and the subject of my research, is infectious disease: how does the microbe cause illness? What makes one strain nasty, and another "avirulent?" Are the latter really not causing any disease, or could some of those be possible for the development of chronic disease years down the road? Additionally, I've spent a lot of time discussing the value of teaching evolution, and educating others about "intelligent design" and other forms of creationism. My interest in history of science and medicine is also useful as a way to tie all of the above interests together. [Disclaimer: the views here are solely my own, and do not represent my employer, my spouse, that guy who's always sitting by the fountain when I come into work, or anyone else with whom I may be remotely affiliated.]
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