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Monday, November 14, 2005 

ID advocate Guillermo Gonzalez speaking in Lima, Ohio

Okay, so the fact that I've already attended one of his talks here in Iowa, coupled with the fact that the one I'm mentioning is about 500 miles away from where I live may make me look like a stalker. But I swear, I'm not. I just found out that Gonzalez is giving a talk at a church in Lima, Ohio next Saturday, the 19th.
Professor Gonzalez will be speaking on the subject of Intelligent Design, how it makes the earth a privileged planet, and why Darwinian science from the steam engine era is no longer able to keep up in the information age.

I'm from that area, and I'm heading back there this weekend to throw a baby shower for my sister. So, I'll be about 20 minutes away from Lima with time to kill and might stop by. If anyone else is planning on heading there, drop me a line.

Edited to add: I just realized he's referred to as an "astrobiologist" on the church's website. Astrobiologist, my ass...he kept saying over and over how he's "not a biologist" at his UNI talk, and his research (according to his ISU website) is on "the late stages of stellar evolution through the use of spectroscopic observations. Recent work includes spectroscopic abundance analysis of post-AGB supergiants and RV Tau variables. He has also undertaken a study of the parent stars of the recently discovered extra-solar planetary systems. The results indicate that these stars have anomalous chemical abundances, suggesting some sort of unusual formation history." Maybe I'll start calling myself a biophysicist...I have more training in physics than Gonzalez appears to have in biology.


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