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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

Grand Rounds 2.05 at Hospital Impact

Check out a slice of medical life over at Hospital Impact. There's a little something for everyone, but this post at Parallel Universes in particular caught my eye. It even made me, a microbiologist who's used to reading about this stuff, go "eww."

Sleep is supposed to be a peaceful break from all the stressful events we face daily. Unknown to most of us, however, is the fact that everytime we lie down and drift to dreamland, thousands of 'enemies' roam around our face, our arms, and bodies, feeding on our dead skin cells and imbibing whatever sweat comes out of our pores.

For those with asthma, 'ever notice if your attacks always coincide when you're lying down on your bed? Here's a clue about the usual suspects.

So bad is the situation that a news report describes your bed as a virtual ecosystem. Yes people, your bed is a forest of creatures you do not see....and I'm not talking of imaginary monsters, ok?


Your bed might be as dirty --- perhaps dirtier --- than your bathroom. This emphasizes the need to replace bedsheets and pillowcases more often than monthly or yearly. This is something we overlook, and before you say ignorance is bliss, I think you ought to do something about it.

I am soooo going home and throwing out my kids' pillows. I can't give up my artificial pillow, though...feather pillows drive me nuts. Guess I'll live with a few extra dust mites.


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